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"Art has an economical value that we often can't put into numbers, but an art gallery professional is a value expert. A gallerist will look into the background of the artist first as a way to weigh their art's value. Their exhibition history and artist background plays a huge role when determining value. How many places and where the artist has exhibited correlates with the value a artwork currently has and the potential it will have in the future. For example, Anne Plaisance, a French artist currently residing in Massachusetts will have greater value artworks due to her history and involvement in the art world. Anne's resume shows that she has exhibited all over the world for many years which adds significant value to her works. Like fine wine, art will only become more valuable with age."

About Anne Plaisance

Award winning painter, Anne Plaisance, is a French artist living near Boston in the United States. She took part in more than 100 exhibitions worldwide. Her works were exhibited at the National Association of Women Artists Gallery (NYC), the CICA Art Museum (South Korea), will be shown at the Art Complex Museum in may 2020 in Duxbury (MA, USA), and in March/April in NYC, Boston and London. She received many awards (merit, jury awards), as well as grants from the Cambridge Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She was featured in the Boston Globe, Harper's Bazaar, Elle Decoration, Artscope, on television, and on radio amongst others. Her artwork can be found in private collections (London, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, Dubai, Kyoto, Boston, etc..). She regularly participates in international artist residencies (USA, Japan, Greece).

(Anne exhibited at Attleboro Arts Museum, Danforth Art Museum, Fitchburg Art Musem, Lunder Arts Center at Lesley University, Kathryn Schultz Gallery in Cambridge, Dodge House Gallery in Providence, Warwick Museum of Art, Bromfield Gallery in Boston, Art Basel and Scope Art Miami, Second Home Gallery and Factory-Art Gallery in Berlin, the National Opera in Cairo, DAP Gallery, ZPAP, Elektor Gallery and the Masovian Art Center for Culture in Warsaw, etc.. )

Born to (painting series)

This series is an anthropological anthology, a diary and mirror, which highlights women as subjects not objects, under the prism of beauty, identity, power, sexuality & gender, empowerment, society’s criticism, emotions and beliefs. I decided to do this lifelong project, after seeing the Roman Opałka Numbers series, powerful in its universality and contemplative beauty (measuring time and time itself) but demanding in its asceticism. I came up with a figurative project - portraits –inspired by the renaissance and Da Vinci spirit but closer to magical realism. The focus is mainly on women, since I want it to be a reflection, easy to identify with for a larger number of people and appealing aesthetically. I am exploring an infinity of faces, materials techniques, colors, sizes, and subjects (born to survive, to dream, to love, to consume, to die, to suffer, to hope, to fly, to forgive, to play, to bloom, etc..). I express through it my tenderness for humanity, confront what is intimate and public, poetic and tragic, historic and synchronic, personal and universal, easy and demanding. Besides, strong artists as Kara Walker, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith inspire me and give me the courage to take a stand, embrace uncomfortable/taboo subjects and to go beyond the limits I think I might have as a woman (culture, education, society, beliefs, geographic situation).

Please tell her that I love her (abstract painting series) – (2017- ongoing)

In 2017, my younger child went to the hospital for depression and social anxiety, trying to kill herself multiple times. I was devastated. I could not find the time nor the energy to create. When I did so, the figurative artworks were dark and death themed. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and explore abstract painting, forms, compositions, joyful colors, as a survival and healing tool. To find some joy in the place of despair I was. After 8 long months at the hospital, she’s back home and feeling better: I decided to share our family story to give hope to those going through similar situations.